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Love Food? This blog is for you.

Love Food? This blog is for you.

Let me tell you what second best feels like

  • It's knowing that if there's not enough room on the pavement for your three friends, you'll be the one on the grass or road.
  • It's knowing that if the rain falls, you'll be home alone even though it's a saturday night.
  • It's knowing that you have to be a shoulder for someone else, who would never otherwise give you theirs.
  • It's knowing that the only reason people came to see you is because you had the only house, or they needed something.
  • It's knowing that if you aren't the one who organises something, you won't be invited.
  • It's knowing that if you do, there's a high chance they won't show up and you'll be left alone with your fading smile in your party dress.
  • It's knowing that it really wasn't your phone that went off.
  • It's knowing that you will never ever get the kind of male attention that the fake girl with the mean personality does.
  • It's knowing that the words "you loser", said to you all through primary and high school have never been truer while you sit alone four days straight.
  • It's knowing that at your 21st birthday party, it's tradition for only a handful of friends to show up for the alcohol.
  • It's knowing that the only people who give you their full attention are those who have only just met you, because they think you have it together.
  • It's knowing that you are only an afterthought to those who have no one else to talk to or see.
  • It's knowing that anyone who considers themselves your friend who reads this will deny it to no end, although where were they but giggling with someone else while you were alone crying in your room?
  • It's physically trying to keep yourself from the blades to slit your wrists, because that's when everyone will all of a sudden, "care".

for inspiration: http://sunshinewhenitsraining.tumblr.com/

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